Our Ultimate Care Package

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo

Our sustainability program is built on a foundation of people who care – in three critical areas.

Our Customers’ Needs

While many companies make products solely to sell to their customers, our focus is on listening to our customer’s needs. Then collaborating with them to create customized solutions that meet their sustainability goals and initiatives. Instead of making bold projections about our sustainability goals, we work with our customers to research and source the best sustainability options available in the marketplace. Then we put them into practice – every single day.

Our Peoples’ Honesty

Our people make essential products in a clean facility where the safety programs are world-class. But their ultimate mission is bigger than that. Our people are honest with each other and with our customers about their sustainability needs. That’s why we are partnering together to make the world a better, more livable place.

Our Communities’ Longevity

Sustainability isn’t just about recycling and composting, it’s about the community – and being better community partners. At Hood Packaging, we make the products that benefit our clients’ sustainability goals. These solutions benefit the environment in both our community and communities far and wide.

Our Most Sustainable Package

Our company is a positive force in the community – a place where all of us – customers, employees, families, friends and neighbors – all live, work and play. Our commitment in creating sustainable solutions for all of us is one we’re taking seriously – for generations to come. You could call it the most sustainable package we’ll ever create.

Hood and Sustainability – Holistic approach

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Priority of Safety
  • Resource Management
  • Plant and Product Hygiene
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Accountable and Involved
  • Sustainable Products

Hood Packaging is committed to preventing adverse environmental impacts, reducing waste and promoting resource conservation

Membership – Paper

Advancing sustainable forestry and responsible purchasing through certification standards and certified products

Renewable Logo for sacks manufactured entirely of paper

On-Package Recycling Symbol for Food Paper Sacks

Membership – Paper and Plastic Packaging


Industry, government and NGO collaborative to make packaging more sustainable

how 2 recycle

A standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels.


Leading force uniting the pet industry around sustainable packaging solutions.

Membership – Plastic

clean sweep

An international prevention-focused program for eliminating plastic pollution caused by plastic resin loss during production or transportation


Trade association representing the plastics recycling industry. APR member companies are committed to the success of plastics recycling.


PAC Next’s objective is to facilitate the convergence of ideas and identify sustainable solutions that lead to zero packaging waste. The PAC Next program serves the global packaging community.