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From children on-the-go to industrial food processors, Hood has a variety of liquid packaging options for your end user markets. With high performance polyethylene and barrier sealant films, we provide for applications as small as yogurt pouches, sour cream, pasteurized & UHT milk bags. Fittingly, we supply vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) equipment and its associated downstream automated equipment designed from experience and practical knowledge.


  • Package integrity
  • Extended shelf life
  • Lower long term cost of ownership
  • Bilingual local representation
  • Knowledge of what happens when the film touches the machine
  • Committed to the dairy industry

For the past 25 years, Hood Packaging (Glopak Division) and Thimonnier our equipment business partner have been the leaders for Milk in pouch packaging in North America with an unsurpassed offer consisting of a thorough analysis of your needs a tailor made proposal to include equipment, on site engineering support, continuous improvement (automation) services, in house Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Installation Services, Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), 24/7 service (phone, in person or remote service), troubleshooting and preventative maintenance (PM) services, training services, and on hand spare parts inventory.

Our extrusion, printing & bag making capabilities enables us to complete our offer with a turnkey solution

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Our Thimonnier M5200 (VFFS) Liquid Filling Equipment is the best in the industry. From high filling speeds to automated controls, we’ve designed our equipment with many years of packaging & service experience. What you can expect:

  • Stainless steel – to keep it clean and make it last
  • Dual spout filling station
  • Servo motor technology
  • High speed: 5,000 – 10,000 parts per hour
  • Bag filling capacity: 70 – 1,500 ML
  • Precise weight fill
  • Ability to disinfect in germicidal UV tubes
  • Excellent seal integrity
  • Automated controls with touch screen
  • Extended shelf life models after excellent seal integrity


Milk bags have become a part of every day life in Asia, Europe, South America and continues to be a trend in North America. Why would you want to put milk in bags?

You can:

  1. Eliminate the need for refrigeration with UHT milk barrier film
  2. Reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging by 75% (Pasteurized milk) compare to PET jugs
  3. Recycling is made easy (Pasteurized milk film) and occupies a fraction of the space in your recycle container

Ultra-high temperature process kills bacteria in the milk. Meanwhile, the film is then filled on to our Thimonnier THP 7200 Aseptic VFFS equipment goes through a peroxide bath to kill bacteria on the film to be formed into a flexible barrier film milk pouch in the filling chamber.

This process allows milk to be shelf stable for up to 3 months! – without refrigeration! So no more cooler trucks or cold storage needed. The distribution and storage chain is simplified and made cheaper by handling shelf stable milk. Just cool to taste for preference before consumption!


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