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Featuring bag-in-bag technology with an innovative venting system, Aire-Tite® bags are engineered to solve every challenge, from shipping to controlled cleanroom dispensing. Perfect for dairy powders, chemicals and pigments, and high-value product applications.


Red Filament Pull Tape

Peel Pack, bottom of the bag

Block bottom

Customizable venting

Removable hermetically sealed polyethylene bag

Once the Hermetically sealed polyethylene bag is removed, the paper bag is recyclable


Format Options: Block bottom bag with no gussets, pinch seal top or flush cut top available for sewing closure. Inner poly bag has a customized vent design for air evacuation.
Capacity: 40-70 lbs
  • Printable flat bottom
  • Sift proof packaging
  • Perfect design for exporting product
  • Venting allows air evacuation while protecting product
  • Excellent palletizing and load stability
Closures: Pinch/heat seal
Sewn top

AIRE-TITE® BAG-IN-BAG SYSTEM markets and applications


  • Milk Powders & Cheese
  • Dry Whey Protein
  • Lactose

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