Meet our tough, puncture resistant package; WPP. By laminating woven polypropylene to BOPP or paper – you not only get a strong bag, but you have a high quality printed packaging alternative. Bags can be sewn closed on existing sewing & filling equipment.

Special Features

  • Up to 10 color printing for photographic images
  • Grease, moisture and odor protection
  • EZ open sewn closure
  • Clear or white WPP fabric options
  • Gusset options
  • Over lacquer (Paper Laminations)
  • UVI Protection (BOPP Laminations)

domestic production

wpp tube

Getting your bags overseas? Consider a domestic supply:

  • Shorter lead times – importing can take 12-16 weeks
  • Quick response on emergency orders
  • Reduced risk of excess inventory
  • Consistent and safe product manufacturing: SQF standards
  • No FDA issues / heavy metals / oils & odors
  • No potential for high tariffs
  • Quick technical support in the field