Open Mouth Bags

Open mouth bags are quick to spot at home from water softener applications to fertilizers . From tubular bottom sealed bags to side sealed bags,  from gusseted to non-gusseted bags – we offer design flexibility to best suit your brand. Co-extruding up to 7 layers or printed up to 10 colors, we deliver protection and packaging appeal for your application.


  • Technical
  • Applications
  • Features
Format Options:  Side seal, top/bottom seal, gusseted, non-gusseted, tube rollstock, flat pouch
Capacity:  5 – 100 lbs
  • High strength properties
  • Print up to 10 colors
  • Consistent, strong seals
  • Large volume bag
  • Gussets allow for better stacking and appearance on pallets
Closures:  Heat seal, press to close zipper, slider





Pet Bedding


Wood Pellets

Low to medium bulk density products


Film construction can be custom blended to customer or application requirements

Line or process print

Variety of venting patterns available

Die cut or rigid handle

Gloss or matte finish

Easy tear notch or perforated corner


tubed rollstock

tubed rollstock 650x350

For automated high speed filling machines, these high capacity bags can maximize your efficiency. Tubed roll stock can come either gusseted or non gusseted. For non-gusseted options, we can also twist print to ensure your label shows on the sides of the bag after being filled. These bags are usually seamless, however using overlapping seam we can create a vent channel to allow air to evacuate the filled bag.

bag handle icon5 5x55

retail solutions

Carrying a 20 – 50 lb bag around the home can be difficult. With reinforced die cut handles or a rigid handle on the bag, the consumer can alleviate some of the stress to their body. We can also custom match the colors of the handle to fit your brand.

solar-naturals handle 488x325

ecycled content 275x260

sustainable content

For those looking to promote their sustainability values, Hood has a few options. Depending on the product structure, the bag itself can be recycled at home or at a designated center. Also, we have a few select resins available to produce films with up to 50% recycled content. Ask for more details.